5 apps you need to help plan your wedding

You don’t need us to tell you that trying to organise a wedding is overwhelming. What you might want us to tell you is that it doesn’t have to be that way. With the wonders of technology (and apps) the planning can be a breeze.

We’ve put together a list of apps you must download to help you sort everything from the playlist to the seating arrangements.

Appy Couple – This handy app help bride and groom create their very own wedding app and website that helps keeps all those details in check. Flick through hundreds of different designs and personalise it with various details of your big day including photos, lodging info, and your story. And you can customise which guests see what on the app/site. So you can choose that only the bridesmaids see a certain areas of it which you can update with wedding plans!

Top Table Planner – The seating arrangement is probably the most boring part of organising your wedding. And it can take a long time to find the arrangement that’s the right fit. This app makes the process a whole lot easier. Simply add the names of your guests into the app and then you can drag and drop them to the appropriate tables. No more trying to arrange them with sticky notes!

Evernote – Wedding planning is full of scribbled notes, half baked ideas, and a huge list of things to remember. Keeping all these different things organised isn’t easy work. You have things written down on scraps of paper, online articles, ideas in your head – how can you collate them all? Evernote. It’s the best app to help you stay organised and you can create notebooks that you can share with the groom or other people helping you organise the wedding.

Wedding party – This app allows friends and family upload pictures that they took of your various wedding events in one place. Because trying to put everyone’s photographs together isn’t easy work. Simply invite them to the app and see your special day from every angle!

Spotify – You probably already have this app downloaded to your phone, but if you don’t, you should. For a little a month you have access to pretty much every song on the planet. And you can create your own personal playlists for your wedding. So if you haven’t booked a DJ or a band, you can do it all yourself with ease!

So those are our top 5 apps to help you planning your wedding. If you have a your own favourite app that you think makes the whole process easier then let us know! We’re always looking to help those soon to be brides!

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