About Chris Winspear

about chris winspearChris Winspear Design Jewellers has been creating beautiful, breath-taking designer jewellery for many years and there is an international demand for the unique pieces. With local roots and international experience in both Sicily and Australia, the founder Chris Winspear has created the perfect blend of stunning aesthetics, creativity and charm. Chris began his career in Australia in 1998, working with a successful goldsmith in Sydney.

After this, he decided to return home to Johannesburg and study at Wits Tech University to further his expertise in the design field. He achieved a diploma in jewellery design and manufacture here in 2005. While at university in 2004, he won the Jewellex Jewellery Design Competition for best design. Chris Winspear Design Jewellers strives for perfection and delivers on it time and again.

Chris Winspear Design Jewellers produces custom made jewellery, designed to your specifications. Chris Winspear Design Jewellers guides you through the design process of your own perfect piece of jewellery from start to finish. From engagement and wedding rings, to batch production for retail, our jewellery is crafted with absolute care & exact precision. We also do trophies, corporate logos, repairs, alterations, resizings, polishing, plating, and cleaning.

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