5 to-dos after the honeymoon

5 to-dos after the honeymoon

One thing no one prepares you for is after you’re married, when your honeymoon is over and you need to settle back in to the real world. But you’ll still feel in wedding mode; not good when you have to return to work.

And it’s probably because you still have a few things left to do.

Clean and store your dress – The sooner you have your dress dry-cleaned the better. There are services out there that specialise in cleaning your wedding dress. You should aim to find one of these as they’ll use specifically designed solvents to make sure your dress comes out as good as new. Once you have it back, keep it stored in a cool dry place.

And if you didn’t buy your wedding dress, make sure you return it on time!

Thank you notes – Now all the hectic wedding stuff’s over you have time to thank everyone that made the big day happen. It’s easy to just move on, but it’s a nice gesture that goes a long way with friends and family. Take time to write personal notes to each and every person that helped put the day together. Sure, it’ll take a while, but they deserve recognition!

Money – Make sure that everything that needs paying off has been paid off. You don’t want caterers or the DJ chasing you for money when you return, so do it as soon as  possible. And chances are, you’re going to have to open a few new bank accounts relating to you and your new partner!

Order the wedding photos – You’re probably itching to see all the photos from the special day, so speak to your wedding photographer and organise to have your pictures sent over to you on a DVD or however the photographer prefers to do it. You might have to choose all the pictures that you want editing and putting in an album too, and the photographer won’t wait forever.

Your new address – If the marriage involved a move, then the time after the honeymoon is the perfect time to tell everyone you’re new address. A quick email will suffice. But if you’d rather be more traditional you can purchase cards informing everyone that needs to know about where you now live.

It’s hard to move on from the wedding, but you have to do it at some point, and there’s a lot that needs doing. The sooner it’s done the sooner you’ll be able to start enjoying your new life as a married woman!

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