Hiring a caterer for your wedding: a 6 step guide

There’s a lot to remember about a wedding day – the best man’s speech, the bride’s dress, the theme and of course, the food.

That last one is pretty important. If you poison everyone, it’s going to stick in their minds for quite a while. Regardless of how well everything else went.

So don’t leave your guests with a bitter taste in their mouths. Get the caterer right.

Only DIY if you must

Sure, you want to cut down on costs. But you want the food to be great and have time to enjoy the day, right?

If there are more than 20 people, hire a caterer. Don’t spend the wedding running around making sure everyone has their food.

Get recommendations

The best way to find a reputable caterer? Listen out for recommendations and check testimonials on websites. If countless other people have used them and thought they were great, you can’t go wrong.

Tastings are fun, but you don’t have time to visit every caterer in town. Narrow your list down to around 5 caterers that have a good reputation.


There’s a caterer out there for any type of budget. But remember, you get what you pay for.

Of course different catering companies have different requirements. Some have their own serving dishes, pans, pot etc. Others rent them, and some ask you to rent them.

Take your time to find out exactly what you’re paying for.

Special requirements

You probably have guests attending with special diet requirements. It’s important that your caterer is prepared to offer vegetarian meals, children’s meals etc.

The venue

It’s important that there’s somewhere in the venue for your caterers to set up. Speak with the venue beforehand and discuss the fact that you will be hiring someone to provide food. They may be able to open a specific room for them to use.


Now that you’ve narrowed it down, head out to each one for a tasting. Meet with the cooks. Get to know their options.

Nothing will give you a better indication as to which is right for you.