Our 4 step guide to calming your pre-wedding jitters

Trying to relax when one of the biggest days of your life is on the horizon isn’t easy work. Getting stressed out is a normal occurrence before a wedding, and we’ve all heard of ‘bridezilla’ haven’t we?

Thankfully for you, there are a few things you can do to calm those pre-wedding nerves, and that’s what we’re going to look at here.

Get plenty of sleep – It doesn’t matter what day it is, if we haven’t had our beauty sleep we become stressed. And quick. If it’s the day of your wedding times that stress by 10.

Wedding prep will leave you exhausted, so make sure you get plenty of rest the night before the wedding. You don’t want to wake up with bags under your eyes screaming for coffee.

Delegate – Too many brides try and take on every, single, job on the day of their wedding. It is their day after all.

Don’t be this girl. Put trust in your bridesmaids and family. They’re there to help you, so make use of them! Something goes wrong; call upon your best friend or mum. Don’t try and go it alone.

Take time out – There will be so much to do on the day that it’ll fly by. And that in itself can make you stressed. So don’t be ashamed to take a few minutes out to yourself every hour or so. Those 15 minutes are the perfect opportunity to take stock of everything that’s going on and to recharge your batteries.

Eat! – Another one brides always forget to do!

If you don’t eat, you’re going to get grumpy. Get grumpy and you’re going to become stressed. So when you wake up eat a hearty breakfast to fuel your day. And don’t skip out on meals either! There’s probably going to be lots of champagne on the way round, and drinking all that on an empty stomache isn’t a good idea.

So there you have it. Our 4 tips to keeping those wedding jitters at bay.

Remember, it’s your day, so enjoy it!