Our quick guide to learning her ring size

If you’re picking up an engagement ring, it needs to be perfect. You’ve spent a long time selecting the ring that looks nicest. But you aren’t sure of her ring size.

Do you wing it? Or take time to find out the right ring size.

Ask a friend

Your first port of call should be friends and family. Chances are, her mother will have bought her a ring in the past. Failing that, her best friend should know her ring size. Just make sure you ask someone who doesn’t blab. They need to be good secret keepers.

And if they don’t have her ring size they can invite her out for a day of shopping and they can try a few ring sizes on “for fun”.

Become a thief

If she’s always wearing a ring on the engagement ring finger, you’re in luck. Just make sure she’s out, and then steal the ring and take it to jewellers for a sizing. Remember though, you can’t just take a ring that she wears on another finger. Different fingers are different sizes, so if you pick the wrong finger the size could be way off.

Buy the ring for someone else

So you’re both in store looking at rings. Why not pretend you’re looking to buy for your mother or sister. But oh wait. You don’t know a ring size. Tell your wife to be that it looks like she shares a similar sized finger. Ask her to try a couple on and bingo, you have her ring size.

Find a ring

This one’s a little risky. Especially if you aren’t a good liar. It involves taking a few rings home and saying you found them. Get your partner to try them on, if one fits, it’s her ring size. Simply take it back to the store!

It isn’t easy to pull off so use this as a last resort.

Here at Chris Winspear we stock a large variety of engagement rings suitable for any bride. And we can help you find her size too.