Smart jewellery – the future or a fad?

We’ve all heard of wearable technology. It’s been making waves recently with Google Glass, Apple’s newest smartwatch and the other plethora of items that link you to your phone. But there are many men out there who think Google Glass too nerdy or a smartwatch not quite his style.

Never mind the huge amount of women who wouldn’t be seen dead in any of it

There’s been a distinct lack of wearable tech for women.

That is, until now.

Cuff are a business providing a range of jewellery items with smart functions. These smart functions are numerous – from notifying you about a text, tracking your activity, to guaranteeing your safety – they’re everything wearable tech is supposed to be.

So how would you make use of it? First there’s the notification feature. This will prove to be the most consistently useful. When you’re out shopping or behind the wheel of your car, you don’t have access to your phone. So you don’t know when someone’s trying to contact you. With Cuff, you’ll be alerted by a slight vibration, allowing you to pull over or drop what you’re doing to check your phone.

They can help in an accident or when you’re in immediate danger too. A long press on the jewellery will send out an alert to selected friends and family members providing them with your GPS location. And it’s these sorts of safety features that make wearable jewellery such an attractive idea. Not to mention how good they look.

What’s more, information such as allergies, blood types, and insurance details can be pushed to your jewellery, ensuring that authorities know what they can and can’t give you.

It’s one of the first pieces of wearable tech that hasn’t been designed by tech geeks for tech geeks.

You have to admire the company’s ambition

Cuff are attempting to dive into a market currently lead by the world’s biggest companies. The world’s biggest. Apple, Google, Samsung – they’re still finding their feet in wearable technology. So for a start up to come along and attempt to change the wearable landscape is a bold move.

This could resonate with everyone from the 16 year old school girl to office workers. They’re attractive. But that doesn’t mean they’re sure to take off. The jewellery market is a busy one and bringing a new product along isn’t something that was expected.

Would you wear Cuff’s smart jewellery? Let us know!

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